- Overview -

What is ExtJS?

ExtJS is an advanced JavaScript framework written by Sencha Inc. The official Sencha website can be found at www.sencha.com.

ConsultJS has no affiliation with Sencha.

ConsultJS is a UK-based software company offering consultancy and training services for JavaScript and Sencha's ExtJS JavaScript framework. Our team is committed to providing you with the solutions you need to deliver stable and sophisticated web interfaces under tight deadlines.

Our developers bring many years of experience working with cutting-edge web technologies. Between them they have helped to develop software in a wide range of different sectors, including eCommerce, litigation support, enterprise search, business process management, video surveillance and news collection services. Different types of software bring different challenges and when it comes to web UIs, we've seen them all.

- Consultancy -

We offer a wide range of ExtJS consulting services, tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need extra developers to meet a deadline, advice on how to move your project forward, or help refactoring a tangled ball of JavaScript, we have the experts to make it happen.

Though we have experience of older versions of ExtJS we would normally advise using either ExtJS 3 or ExtJS 4. We can also help with upgrading applications from older versions of the framework.

If you want to bring your own developers up to speed with the world's leading JavaScript framework, you may wish to consider our ExtJS training courses.

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- Training -

ExtJS 4

The course materials for 2011 have all been fully updated to cover the latest release of Sencha's JavaScript framework, ExtJS 4.

Our on-site training courses provide a great way to get a team of developers up to speed with ExtJS in a short time frame. Whether you're new to JavaScript development or just looking to master the finer points of ExtJS, we've got the course for you. Our highly modular course allows you to pick and choose exactly what material you want to cover to meet your training needs.

There is no minimum or maximum class size for our training courses. Small groups will often provide a better learning experience but discounts are available as the class size increases. We advise a class size of between 4 and 12 people.

Which courses are right for you?

The Crash Course focuses specifically on the aspects of JavaScript, HTML and CSS that cause the most confusion amongst developers new to ExtJS. A good grounding in these areas is useful in understanding the Basic course and essential for those taking the Advanced course.

The Basic course is ideal for those just starting out with ExtJS or with limited experience of the framework. A shorter version of this course can be presented for those who already have some ExtJS knowledge or who already know which aspects of the framework are of interest.

The Advanced course is for developers looking to take their ExtJS skills to the next level. As those with ExtJS experience will know, implementing functionality that is not provided 'out-of-the-box' can prove to be a significant challenge. With this course you can learn the techniques that the experts use to overcome those hurdles so much faster than other developers.

The Custom Training course is intended as a way for you to learn advanced ExtJS techniques by working through the problems you've encountered in writing your own applications. There are no formal training materials for the Custom course, though some may be borrowed from the other courses where relevant. Custom training works best with smaller groups.

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- Pricing -

Please email for pricing information. The more details you provide about your needs the easier it will be to give a quick and accurate quote.

We believe the service we provide is the best the UK has to offer. Consultancy services are normally charged by the day, training is priced on the number of developers. Alternative arrangements can be made where necessary.

We would usually expect to be on site at your location in order to make the most of our time together. Any travel and accommodation expenses will be charged. Enquiries from outside of the UK are welcome but will obviously incur greater travel costs.